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TomCast 022: Indie Electro Soundscape

This week’s show takes us all across the globe including rock from Spain, indie from California, and dub techno from Ukraine among other tracks.

With music from Quixotic and The Human Experience, Serengeti, General Mumble and more!

TomCast 022 Artwork

[audio http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6675140/TomCast/TomCast%20022.mp3]Click To Download

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Icarus CrashRuta Dorada

Phoebe BridgersTurned Around

Quixotic and The Human ExperienceLa Calaca

(http://energostatic.com/stasis021.html) [Energostatic netlabel]

SionBack For Coffee

SERENGETISprung (w/Doseone)
(https://anticon.bandcamp.com/album/c-a-b) [Anticon netlabel]

General MumbleBottlenose Tophat

Thanks for listening.

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