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TomCast 019: A Myriad Of Electronica

I have an internet connection again!  I’m not sure how long it’ll last but I’ve signed up with a new ISP so I should have a reliable service within the next few weeks.

This week I’ve got a selection of electronic based music from across the web including tracks from Bassnectar, The Black Parrot, Pspiralife and more.

TomCast 019 Artwork

[audio http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6675140/TomCast/TomCast%20019.mp3]Click To Download

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SJ MelliaGrinder (Meaty Mix)
(http://blacklanternmusic.bandcamp.com/album/equalizer) [Black Lantern Music]

Mister NobodyWe Are All One
(http://deeplakerecords.weebly.com/dlr101.html) [Deep Lake Records]

Neblina SoundShuggabits Riddim D&B
(http://www.neblinasound.com/) [Neblina Sound]

AwenHeavy Killah (Full Dub Remix)
(http://www.fresh-poulp.net/releases/fpr072/) [Fresh Poulp]

Bassnectar ft. Rye RyeNow

TheBlackParrotHigh Hopes
(http://theblackparrot.bandcamp.com/) [Bandcamp]

PspiralifeThe Sacred Mountains
(http://zenonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/unfurl) [Zenon Records]

Thanks for listening.

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