TomCast 028: All the indie music!

Apologies for the lack of a show last week, but as I explained in the last show I was climbing a mountain in Wales with a bunch of mates.  We also did trampolining underground in a disused slate mine.

But you didn’t come here for my outdoor adventure anecdotes, you came for music.  This week I’ve picked out a bunch of great alternative, indie, and indietronica for you to enjoy.

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Soundstatues – Welcome Home

Lee LeeIs It Really You?
( [Handsome Manifesto]

The Harlots – Somewhere To Go


OXGinger Girl
( [Subwise]

The Eastern EllisesArtificial Joy

Blurred SuperHeroesLike Ramona Flowers
( [Heroin Boutique]

Thanks for listening.

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