TomCast 017: Better Late Than Never

Getting this week’s podcast sorted has caused some issues. My internet died on the day I’d set aside for research and recording so I couldn’t do that at home.  Instead, I bundled my iMac, mic and other peripherals in my car and headed to my parent’s house, only to find that their internet is down as well.

Not one to let trivial things like this get in the way I’ve recorded a show with music that I already had on my computer. As I write this on the WordPress app, I’m dreading the process of uploading the podcast and artwork via 3G on my phone.  Hopefully it makes its way to your ears. I’ll make sure the tracklist is up to date as soon as I can.


[audio]Click To Download

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FuturesounderVenera Y
( [Subbass netlabel]

Mr MorseWaterfall
( [Black Lantern Music]

CortyDarkophonie Pt.1
( [Angel Dust Records]

Catfish And The BottlemenSidewider (Ginger Shinobi’s Deep Moombahton Remix)
( [BDR Dancefloor]

RoboctopusCan’t Have The Fish If You Ain’t Got The Jelly
( [Bandcamp]

Dirty DubstersSwing It Brother
( [SpeakeasyElectroSwing]

Mat ZoOldskool Trip
( [Soundcloud]

Thanks for listening.


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