TomCast 015: Catching up with Latest Releases

This week I’ve been struggling with some internet troubles and an ISP with no interest in helping me fix them.  Nevertheless, I did manage to procure some new tunes whilst perusing the latest releases from some of my favourite web based music sources.

Sadly, not having an internet connection at all when I came to record the show, I couldn’t do any detailed research about the artists so info is a bit scarce.

I did add a backing track when I’m speaking to make up for it though.

TomCast 015 Artwork

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Masta JungaBig Daddy Riddim [Subbass]

AlicThe Acid Flow [Digital Diamonds]

BrahmiN & BoDo ft. MurchanAPratidhwani [Subbass]

Secret Archives Of The VaticanThe Shoemaker and the Djinn [Broken Drum Records]

Thousand Yard PrayerElixir [Broken Drum Records]

Corty ft. Solo BantonShuffle Dubby [Angel Dust Records]

Thanks for listening.


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