TomCast 014: Something With A Bit Of Swing

This week’s podcast concentrates on music with a swing sound and influence, I’ve got various different swing related grooves for you that will make your feet tap and your head bob.  Maybe with some full on dancing too!

TomCast 014 ArtworkClick To Download

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Quick side note because I’ve had a good week for various reasons.  The first is that I’ve now got a proper microphone  so the quality of my voice recording is now much better!  Woop!

Also, I had this week off work so I spent some time designing some new artwork for TomCast (now you don’t have to put up with my speaker cone infested face!).  I’m not much of a designer though, and there’s no way I could produce a vectored cassette tape.  Of course, the internet solved the problem, so I would like to thank Antoniu over at his webpage Fuzzimo, he does loads of graphic design stuff and puts it out there for people to use, you should check it out!


Smokey Joe & The KidMonkey Song

Eastern Bloc BandTriplette (Belleville Rendez-vous)

OpaqueFind Me Keep Me

Bobby C SoundJelly Belly


ProleteRU Can Get It

Smerins Anti-Social ClubThe Alibi

Thanks for listening.


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