TomCast 010: Recap

Slightly different format today.  I thought that as this podcast pushes me into double figures, I’d have a recap of some of the music I’ve already played.

Today’s episode contains different tracks from artists I’ve already played.  One artist from each previous podcast.


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Dirty Little SecretBreak The Addiction
( [Jamendo]

Secret Archives Of The Vatican – The Empty Quarter
( [Broken Drum Records]

Aivi & Surasshu – Here’s How!
( [Bandcamp]

Tryad – Alone
( [Jamendo]

NHK – Thunderdomination
( [Bandcamp]

Psudaform – Cerebral Vortex
( [Sociopath Recordings]

Inverse Phase – Ky #reload Korean VRC6
( [Bandcamp]

Qualia – Warmer
( [Bandcamp]

Nerve End – Venom Willow
( [Bandcamp]

Thanks for listening.


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