TomCast 009: A Nordic Adventure

Today I’m taking my parent’s to the airport.  They’re going to Norway to hopefully see the northern lights which I am incredibly jealous of.  That, and my love for Iceland and it’s music prompted me to have a search for Nordic music.  So come and take a journey with me on this Nordic adventure, discovering music from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.


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Nerve EndThrive
( [Bandcamp]

Planet BoelexExist
( [Soft Phase Netlabel]

Emerald ParkThe Night I Proclaimed Your Love
( [23 Seconds Netlabel]

Mitch MurderMetro City Breakers
( [Bandcamp]

MutedMonks Beat
( [Bandcamp]

TrepacBeskidt Rådden Rimer
( [Echo Out Records]

ImaginatorGod Mode
( [Bandcamp]

Thanks for listening.

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