Inspector’s Diary: Hard Times

Dear Diary,

It has been many weeks since I last wrote to you, it has not been possible.  Since family died, life has been cruel.  Am only able to write today through act of kindness, I must be brief.

Two days after death of family, M.O.A. evicted me from Class 8 dwelling.  I could not find affordable residence, have been living on streets of Arstotzka.

Winter is bitter cold in country, is difficult to stay warm, especially at night time.  I have found other homeless citizens, most have also been cast aside by Arstotzka’s Ministries.  Left without way of sustaining themselves.  But all are good men and women, I have been welcomed, they helped me survive.  Showed me ways of getting food and keeping warm.

Arstotzkan Police service does not take kindly to homeless, sending armed officers to raid areas where homeless dwell.  We are constantly moving, trying to keep away from police.  I very much wish to stay in one place, but it cannot be.

We live in fear.  Cold, and hungry.  Barely able to live.  Things must change.  This country is disgrace to its citizens.  I want to put stop to it.  Arstotzka could be great, could become deserving of glory.

Things will change.


“Inspector’s Diary” is based on the video game Papers Please by Lucas Pope.  


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