So Many Games

A while ago I posted about gaming on my iMac.

Yesterday I played through a couple of games I’ve had for quite some time and started thinking that I should really play through more of the games I have clogging up my hard drive.

So that is what I shall do.  Play through all the games on my iMac.

I don’t know how long it will take, I’m not going to play them in any particular order, all I know is that I’ll play through them.  And I’m going to write about them too, maybe review type writing, maybe a story, maybe just whether I enjoyed them or not, who knows?!

I’ve created a page that lists all the games on my iMac to keep track of them.  If they’re dated, that’s when I beat the game.  If there’s a link, that’ll go to where I’ve written about them.

Thanks for reading