TomCast 002: I Did A Second One


Well here we, a second episode of TomCast, sometimes I surprise myself.  Here’s another 7 tracks for your enjoyment, with me talking from time to time in between them.

I apologise for the download issues that occurred with last week’s episode, I’ve now got those sorted.

TomCast is available on iTunes (which I can’t help being pleased by), you can find it and subscribe by clicking HERE
For those who don’t use iTunes, just point your RSS reader or podcast manager to


Dr FreebsFunkbuster (iDEeOLOGY)

Verseborne & SashaSingle Double Triple (KonQuestNow)

The BreakRight Way (Bandcamp)

OCTiV feat. CelldwellerInfernal (Soundcloud)

Daniel Berges & The WindsurfersAin’t That Good News (Jamendo)

Secret Archives Of The VaticanWest Of Eden (Broken Drum Records)

Tron SepiaColors Of The Mantis Shrimp (Bandcamp)

Thanks for listening.


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