TomCast 001: My First Podcast


So I finally got round to starting my very own podcast, catchily titled ‘TomCast’.

(If anything doesn’t work right away please don’t shout at me, this is all new to me!)

All the tracks are either free or released as pay what you want (which includes free) so go get them!

This is the very first episode, click the link up top to download, I’m working on a subscribable (new word)  iTunes feed but for any of you using other podcast subscription services just add the link below


MayhemPush Every Button
ON Trax Vol.4 (Lapfox Trax via Bandcamp)

Diablo Swing OrchestraInfralove
The Butcher’s Ballroom (Jamendo)

Filthy KicksAwaken
Dirty Little Secret (Jamendo)

The Damned and DirtyJohn The Evil Homeopath
The Damned And Dirty (Bandcamp)

Biting ElbowsThe Stampede
Dope Fiend Massacre (Bandcamp)

MuzzyBasement Scream
Colours & Distractions (Monstercat via YouTube)

Foundation (SUBBASS via Bandcamp)

Thanks for listening


2 thoughts on “TomCast 001: My First Podcast”

  1. Hello Tom

    I can’t download this from the right click or access it through the wordpress link I have. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

    Mum xxx

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