Inspector’s Diary Day 7: End Days

Dead Family

Day 7: Monday November 29, 1982

Dear Diary,

My family is dead.

I could not afford heating, food or medicine, and now my family is gone.  It is all my fault.  How can I ever forgive myself?

I informed M.O.A. of my losses.  They sent me home for bereavement.

Later I receive message informing me that Ministry of Labor focusses on future and growth, and that workers are expected to support large and healthy families.  My position will be filled by someone more suitable.

My family is gone.  I have no job.  M.O.A. have given me two days to vacate apartment.  I do not know how I can go on?

What will become of me?

There is no glory in Arstotzka.

“Inspector’s Diary” is a literary play-through based on the video game Papers Please by Lucas Pope.  


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