Inspector’s Diary Day 6: Call For Help


Day 6: Sunday November 28, 1982

Dear Diary,

Truth of Arstotzka this morning reports Vince Lestrade apprehended in Kolechia.  I am pleased that he has been caught and that I did not endanger citizens of Arstotzka yesterday.

News also reports jobs becoming fewer due to immigrants taking jobs from locals.  This is not good for Arstotzka, M.O.A. has introduced work passes for any foreigners wishing to work in country.  Now have more documents to check, will be hard but will help Arstotzkan citizens hold jobs.

I received another citation from M.O.A. today, I understand reasons, I denied man entry on my own moral grounds.  I approved entry for lady wishing to work in Arstotzka, as she left my booth she passed a note to me about a possible human trafficker wishing to enter, named Dani Ludum.  She seemed fearful, I chose to help her when man in question appeared at my booth.  All of man’s documents were valid but I turned him away.  I hope that my good deed may be repaid someday.

Jorji Costava, the man with no passport came to booth again today.  This time he had valid passport but he did not have the proper entry permit.  I feel bad for denying him, he clearly wants to be part of great country of Arstotzka.  His determination is enviable.

Day was cut short once more due to another terrorist attack.  I do not know why they keep attacking, I wonder what undesirable feelings they hold against Arstotzka.  I hope I do not get caught up in any future attacks if they happen.  Border control job is starting to feel dangerous.

I got home to find my whole family sick, son and uncle have worst symptoms, lack of proper food and heating must be the cause but I just cannot afford it, nor the medicine to improve their health.  I am disappointment to myself and family.

Glory to Arstotzka.

“Inspector’s Diary” is a literary play-through based on the video game Papers Please by Lucas Pope.  


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