Inspector’s Diary Day 5: Murderer

Nov 27

Day 5: Saturday November 27, 1982

Dear Diary,

I read in Truth of Arstotzka this morning that Republian track star killed girlfriend in jealous rage.  Not good news for certain, but I not worry myself about this in morning.

Was not expecting to encounter murderer at booth during day, trying to get into great Arstotzka!  How dare he?

All documentation was correct but knowing he was suspect in murder case I tried using new booth equipment to detain him but could not make it work.  Only choice was to deny entry, he seemed angry but left.

I receive citation for denying entry to person who had all proper documents, despite my protests.  I stand by my decision, Vince Lestrade is bad man and I not allow Arstotzkan safety to be less.  Am disappointed in M.O.A. for taking action against me.

Had to deny entry to woman today who’s husband had already entered.  All of man’s documents were valid, as he walked through my checkpoint he mentioned wife behind him, but when I checked her documents, they were not valid.

I will never forget fear in voice as she walked away from booth, tears running down face, shouting she was doomed.  Husband stood on other side of fence, watching, helpless.  Inspector job is very hard sometimes.

Son is still sick, wife and mother-in-law now also show symptoms.  Everyone is cold and hungry.  I do not know how we are to survive on such little money.  I work so hard but all money taken for rent, cannot even buy medicine for family now.  I fear the worst.

Glory to Arstotzka.

“Inspector’s Diary” is a literary play-through based on the video game Papers Please by Lucas Pope.  


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