Inspector’s Diary Day 4: Jorji


Day 4: Friday November 26, 1982

Dear Diary,

News this morning reports Government is blaming lax immigration control for increased activity on black market in Arstotzka.  Is ridiculous!  How dare The Truth of Arstotzka report such lies?

M.O.A. must appease masses though, have enforced new rules for entry to increase security.  All Arstotkan citizens now require to carry ID cards.  Foreigners must obtain valid entry permit, old entry tickets no longer valid.

So many documents to read and check is difficult.  My working has slowed, am unable to process as many people through and I make more mistakes.

M.O.A. issued me 3 citations today, first for allowing entry with an expired entry permit.  Second for accepting conflicting information, entry permit did not show correct job.  I was too distracted trying to confirm identity with new equipment in booth, passport photo did not match and had to carry out fingerprinting.  Should have been more suspicious.

Third citation for invalid name on entry permit.  I do not know how I missed it.  M.O.A. gave me 5 credit penalty for this.  I deserved penalty, I should not have made such mistakes today, I am disappointment!

Man with no passport from yesterday, returned today.  He presented me with clearly forged passport.  Fake passport says name was Jorji, seems like happy man.  Did not give trouble when I denied entry, said he will return with valid passport.

Returned home in evening to find note from M.O.A.  Rent has been increased by 5 credits per day, I guess cost of living increases over time but it makes me worry more and more.  Whole family is cold and hungry now, son seems to be sick.  After paying higher rent I could only pay for medicine, family understands son’s health is important but every family member needs to eat soon and keep warm.

Times are hard at moment but I must persevere for now.  Things will surely get better in time.


“Inspector’s Diary” is a literary play-through based on the video game Papers Please by Lucas Pope.  


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