Inspector’s Diary Day 3: Tickets Please


Day 3: Thursday November 25, 1982

Dear Diary,

There were more guards at checkpoint today due to yesterday’s terrorist attack.  This was to be expected.  The Truth of Arstotzka reported this morning that Kolechian Agitators are suspected for attack.

Despite terrorist attack, line for border control was very long today.  Many peoples want entry to Arstotzka, new rules mean non-Arstotzkans require valid entry ticket to be allowed entry.

It seems many people are desperate to enter great Arstotzka but are missing proper documentation.  It saddens me to turn away some people, like lady who’s passport had expired only two days before.  Another man tried to use an entry ticket not valid until December, almost a month away!

Strangest occurrence today was man who appeared at my inspection booth with no documentation at all.  When I asked for passport he was surprised, told me that Arstotza so great that passport not needed.  Ridiculous!

I worked late today, catching up for lost time after bombing on day before.  Only after I worked late did M.O.A. inform me that extra time is not paid.  Result is need to choose between paying for food and heating, or saving for future.  I chose to save money this time, but I have concerns.  Family says they are OK but I worry that they hide true feelings.


“Inspector’s Diary” is a literary play-through based on the video game Papers Please by Lucas Pope.  


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