Inspector’s Diary Day 2: Passports & Citations


Day 2: Wednesday November 24, 1982

Dear Diary,

What a day!  My second day has surely had ups and downs.  I woke to good news from The Truth of Arstotzka, checkpoint is a success!  People are so happy, I am so proud to be part of these wonderful times.

Because of success, restrictions were relaxed.  Arstotzka now welcomes all peoples with valid passport.  I have welcomed many peoples from all over.   People from Kolechia, Impor, and even some from United Federations.  Remembering all types of passport is difficult, sadly I receive first citation from M.O.A.  Person’s passport had expired and I did not catch it.  M.O.A. was kind though and have not given my penalty.

I may have been distracted by girl who entered country before, very pretty girl.  She said she works here at club called The Pink Vice.  Looks like nice, fun place to go, maybe I treat myself sometime.

Day was cut short today when guard was killed in grenade blast.  Terrorist jumped over border fence, running towards city they threw grenade that exploded near barrier, killing terrorist and guard.  I did not see all of the activity but heard explosion, and screams.  My sympathies go to guard’s family, today must be sad for them.

Family was pleased to see me home early today but because day was short, I have now spent all my money and savings on rent, food, and heating bills.


“Inspector’s Diary” is a literary play-through based on the video game Papers Please by Lucas Pope.  


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