This is probably not interesting!

I haven’t done a lot this week, nothing worth noting anyway.  As we’re now pretty much two weeks into the new year I thought I’d have a little recap and see how I’m doing with my List of Things To Do in 2013.

My first week wasn’t great, I didn’t go running or climbing, or practice bass guitar.  Not a good start.  I did however make a couple of blog posts, took 7 photographs and when I weighed myself at the end of the week the scales showed me 4lb lighter than when I started the year.

The second week was slightly better.

Despite being incredibly tired all the time I managed a cycle ride to pick up a parcel from the post office (a new CD to add to iTunes), I went running twice and made it to Peterborough on Tuesday to go climbing.  I’ve also been eating smaller portions of food, the result of which is a freezer full of leftovers for lunches at work.

I’ve taken more photographs, upping the total to 13 so far.  I’m pretty pleased with most of the shots too and it would seem that I’m finding a style of photography that I enjoy, more on that later on in the year though.

I still haven’t done any real bass practice which is starting to annoy me, but I have been managing some time playing video games, mostly Minecraft now that a friend has set up a private server.  Later today I’ll be playing Guild Wars 2 and thanks to the Steam winter sale I got a copy of Left 4 Dead and it’s sequel.

Blog posting has been at a minimum, as evidenced by this rather lame, last minute post.  My excuse would be that I’m still learning what to write and how to write, hopefully things will pick up in the future.

The thing I’ve done this week that excites me most however is that I’ve been thinking about the short stories that I’ll be writing this year.  Although my mind is working slowly, ideas are starting to form.  I’ve even contacted an artist friend with the possibility of a collaborative graphic novel.

So overall I reckon I’m doing OK, I could do better and need to work on that.  In general I’m feeling quite positive about things and am pleased that my brain keeps telling me to do things that need doing instead of just ignoring them.

Now I’m off to watch the new David Bowie video to see what the fuss is all about.  While I’m doing that you should head over to Flickr and have a look at my latest 365 efforts!


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