Things To Do In 2013




At the very tail end of 2011 I started to think I wanted to change and improve certain aspects of my life in the coming year.  I also knew that for me, new years resolutions never work.  Instead of making one or two resolutions that I would inevitably not stick to, I devised a solution, I wrote down 9 things that I wanted to achieve in 2012:

  1. Complete 365 Project
  2. Stop Smoking
  3. Sell/Publish a photograph
  4. Sell car
  5. Study other photographers
  6. Travel somewhere new
  7. Learn new things
  8. Decorate house
  9. Discover more music

Yesterday, I reviewed my progress; I successfully completed my 365 project on July 14th, I offered one of my photographs to Pete Cogle which he used for his Dubstep Zone Podcast #49 (he also blogged about the project and mentioned me by name in the podcast, smiles all round!), I declared my car SORN in May and sold it on 31st July, I continue to admire the work of other photographers, read about them and discover many new aspects of photography by doing so, I travelled to Falmouth in August and Prague in December, I learned many new things (too many to list), my iTunes collection grew massively and I started a music blog (no longer very active).

They were the successes, 7 out of 9 isn’t too bad in my book.  With regards to the failures, I started decorating my house but only managed the two bathrooms, and a shoddy job at that, I need to redo them.  I also quit smoking at the beginning of October but sadly relapsed toward the end of November, I now know what to expect when I try to quit again in the future (most likely this year).

My progress and successes with this list spurred me on to make a new one for 2013, one that would be more focussed on improving myself in a multitude of areas and require continual work to complete.  The items included on the list aren’t quite as vague as the previous year’s and there’s even measurements to take which will record my progress throughout the year (maybe I’ll make some graphs).

Here it is in image format with two statistics already filled in.  Take this as my statement of intent for 2013, wish me luck.

I hope you all have a prosperous new year that brings you happiness and shiny robotic unicorns.

Things To Do In 2013 p1Things To Do In 2013 p2


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