So Christmas has come and gone for another year.  I’ve had an enjoyable time, acquired some cool new stuff and given a few gifts that were equally well received.

Freshly decorated tree (sans presents)

I’m an only child, a fully grown one at that, and Christmas has become a small and relaxed affair over the years for my family.  My parents and I sit down for our traditional breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast in the morning (thankfully I wasn’t too hung over from the previous night’s festive drinking with friends this year).  My Grandma will join us at around 10am and we sit around opening presents for an hour or so and then begin to prepare lunch.

This year I chose not to buy Christmas themed wrapping paper, partially because I’m unorganised but partially because Amazon have started packaging their deliveries with long strips of brown paper.  It doesn’t look particularly festive but it certainly doesn’t look really bad, I actually quite like the crinkled look, it’s rustic and has the added bonus of not killing extra trees.  I’m so eco!

Rustic and eco friendly wrapping


Lunch this year turned out to be a remarkably easy task, a whole turkey is a bit much for the four of us so each year we tend to cook a different meat, this year I offered to cook beef.  My mum got a cracking piece of fillet which barely took me any time to prepare and only needed roasting for half an hour.  I also took my usual pigs in blankets duty while my mum sorted all the veg.

Overall, the day was pleasant and stress free. I hope you’ve also had a good time over the Christmas period.  Spare a thought for all those who aren’t as lucky as us, and to all those who were required to work keeping us safe and sound.

Only a few hundred days till we do it all again…



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